Friday, December 11, 2009

StellarNova Character Designs!

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Art by:
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These are the designs for some of the characters from StellarNova:
More on the characters can be found on my DA page:

The Pitch: C.J. Atom is the world’s newest big celebrity, in the world’s hottest band StellarNova! Follow as they embark on their first world tour!
Genre: Pop Cyber culture futurism
Themes: celebrity, Fun, Free Expression, Girl Power

Meet C.J. Atom, the youngest and arguably the most famous member of the Atom Family, who is embarking on her world tour with her band StellarNova! Watch as she struggles with all the stress of being an international celebrity, a corporate spokeswoman, a budding scientist and a teenage girl in the world’s most renown academic academy.

A history of pop icons: StellarNova
Rising from the clubs of Atom Island, StellarNova broke into the pop scene in 2006 with their debut album, StellarNova. The band's latest album, Superliscious Sciencetastic, blends C.J. Atom's easily digested arrangements with energetic guitar work to produce a record brimming with ultra-catchy gems. With unstoppable hit tracks like "TurbonuclearReign Party," look for StellarNova to be a major factor in the pop landscape for years to come.

C.J. formed the band with her friends from the International Peak Academy on Atom Island. Their works merge multiple mediums including dance, painting, sculpture and music. StellarNova stage shows are elaborate circus like atmospheres of spoken word, and an eclectic brew of Jazz, Pop, Blues, and Funk.

As always, more to come.

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Peace and blessings.

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