Thursday, August 19, 2010

Get a Free Gift at booth 3315 this Weekend at Chicago Comic-con

Hallboy Comics will be in Booth # 3315

Come see me, Writer Lamorris Richmond,  and artist Juan Arevallo  who will be at the table promoting our Oya project.

more about Oya:

Hallboy Comics' new character Oya makes her Chicago Comic Con debut in a stunning 18x24 poster by series artist Juan Arevalo.

The ancient gods who created the Earth — The Orisha, are returning after two thousand years of self-exile and desire to see New Oyo, the golden city of their descendents and followers, rejoin the family of man and live in peaceful co-habitation.

To herald this event one of their own, Oya, goddess of wisdom and war, is reborn on the planet and is charged with guiding the Yoruba people and re-establishing a spiritual based religion on a world where man’s science is the only truth. Oya’s mission sees her answering the prayers of the faithful, and administering swift justice on their behalf but the leaders of the world have a different outlook and view Oya’s escapades as those of an aggressive nation with a science hero run amuck.

Now Oya, whose own powers and spirit-based technology appear as magic, must become a world leader, shepherd the people who clamor for her guidance and defend New Oyo from invaders still seeking to unlock the secrets of the highest science there is — the technology of gods!

The Book Of Oya is written by La Morris Richmond with art by Juan Arevalo and is scheduled for release in 2011 from Hallboy Comics

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Hope to see you there!!!

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